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Brendan Palfreyman is a leading national source for articles about beer trademarks

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Hopportunity Cost: Craft Brewers Brawl Over Catchy Names as Puns Run Dry

“We’re literally running out of words in the English language that haven’t already been taken,” said Brendan Palfreyman, a lawyer in Syracuse, N.Y., who handles beer trademark cases.

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Shipyard files trademark lawsuit against Missouri brewery over ‘Shiphead’ beer

Brendan Palfreyman, a Syracuse, New York, trademark lawyer who is not involved in the lawsuit, says Shipyard’s case is not a typical, straightforward trademark complaint.

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Beer lovers torpedo Lagunitas lawsuit against Sierra Nevada

“If you see someone out there using your mark in a way that’s confusingly similar, it’s incumbent on you to make sure it doesn’t become generic or widely used,” said Brendan Palfreyman, a trademark attorney specializing in craft beer.

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Haymarket files trademark opposition against Brooklyn Brewery over beer name

The opposition to the Brooklyn Brewery trademark was first reported on Twitter by Brendan Palfreyman, a Syracuse, N.Y., attorney who specializes in the craft beer industry.

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Battle of the moose begins

“There’s always a disadvantage faced by David in a David-Goliath scenario where you can be outspent by a larger opponent,” [Brendan Palfreyman] added.

Lagunitas Plans to Drop Suit Against Sierra Nevada

According to Brendan Palfreyman, an attorney at Harris Beach PLLC in Syracuse, N.Y., because Sierra had yet to respond to the original complaint, Lagunitas will have an opportunity to voluntarily dismiss its claim without approval from Sierra Nevada or a judge.

Fly Like an Eagle — Breweries Avoid Trademark Infringements with Fast, Direct Sales. For Now.

“From a strictly practical standpoint, it’s harder—or less likely—to receive a cease and desist, and especially a lawsuit, for a product that’s only sold once,” says Brendan Palfreyman, who specializes in brewery trademarks as an attorney at Syracuse, New York’s Harris Beach PLLC.